Art for Your Car!

It Began on Block Island!

Artist and Craftsman Bring Talent Together

It all starts with planks of hard wood and a design. Beautiful planks of mahogany, oak, maple, cherry wood arrive weekly at the Hitch-Crafter shop to be transformed into art for your car.

Quality Construction Made in USA

Here in our shop in Connecticut we craft our hitch covers. Once the ovals are cut and the designs inlaid, aluminum posts are attached to the back for sturdy, time tested construction. Fits any 2 inch hitch receptacle.

These substantial hitch covers have been on the road for 4 years without any construction issues.

Celebrate What You Love!!!

We are always developing new designs at the Hitch-Crafter design studio. This a small batch of hitch covers in their final stage of construction-5 coats of exterior polyurethane lovingly coated to protect the wood. Some are custom and some are our stock designs.

We get ideas from all around us...and from our customers, who love to rotate their hitch covers to reflect all the parts of their life they are passionate about.

We offer customized hitch covers as well as hitch covers with business logos.

Share What You Love!

On a Hitch Cover from Hitch-Crafter!

The craftsmanship of these hitch covers is beautiful! High quality, very sturdy, looks great on the back of my SUV. It is a great gift idea...super easy to put on and take off. Loved all the unique designs-hard to pick just one!

Julie M, Vienna, VA

Just picked up this beautiful piece of art and it is even better in person. The wood used is beautiful and definitely looks like it will hold up for years. Definitely adds character to the back of my jeep. Thanks again for the great job done on this flag!

Ryan B, Mystic, CT

My hitch cover is the perfect subtle accessory for my truck. I couldn't believe how good it looks!

Jake G, Ocean City, MD